Kanye West wants ‘Yeezy’, is preparing for ‘war’

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Continuing to expand the impact of his shaky business partnerships with Gap and Adidas, Kanye West posted what appears to be a draft document to Instagram late Sunday, listing him in fashion without them Prohibited action. West told Bloomberg earlier this month that he was looking for independent businesses: “It’s time for Ye to create a new industry,” he said. “There is no more company between me and the audience.”

West’s post, however, suggests that a sturdy barrier is being erected, titled “Summary of Restrictions on Yeezy’s Independent Activities Under the Licensing and Endorsement Agreement with Adidas and the Strategic Agreement with Gap.” The document also prohibits Yeezy and Ye from engaging in a variety of potentially profitable activities such as footwear, apparel and accessories, including those that use “designs that replicate or resemble any designs of Adidas or Yeezy Gap products used in Yeezy-”

Twelve hours after sharing the document outlining the restrictions on him (along with the names of Gap board members), Ye posted a screenshot of the text message on his Instagram Story, showing the sender believed Gap had lifted the restrictions. One of the senders was named “Deborah Legal”

In a new interview with Forbes, Kanye appeared to be optimistic about an amicable resolution of his differences with Adidas, telling the magazine: “It is possible for us to co-produce the products we make, but not to let me in on the color. I have no right to speak, and I cannot be allowed to treat me like a dead person.”

Representatives for Gap, Adidas and Kanye West responded to Rolling Stone’s request for comment.

Mr. Ye also reportedly recently announced the appointment of former Hyperloop One chairman Shervin Pishevar as the new vice chairman of the Mr. Ye brand. In 2017, the prominent and controversial tech investor left Hyperloop One and its venture capital firm Sherpa Capital after being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

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