Kanye West slams Joe Biden Praises Rival Donald Trump

Kanye West lashes out at Joe Biden but praises Donald Trump as the rapper is embattled in anti-Semitism controversy.

According to the New York Post, the Donda rapper lashed out at President Biden for not taking Elon Musk’s advice.

The 45-year-old criticized in an uncensored chat with Piers Morgan, claiming he could be tougher on him because the president has “mental health issues.”

“The President of the United States didn’t meet with Elon Musk. That was (expletive). Hey, come, come, come pick me up. That was (expletive) obtuse. I know I shouldn’t have said Biden, but that was (expletive) bye. Den,” West added.

On the other hand, however, the Yeezy founder admires the former Donald Trump, who reportedly said the two of them shared a friendship “for a long time.”

Additionally, in a recent interview, the GOP member defended the rapper despite the avalanche of criticism, saying he’s always been “very good” to him, adding, “He’s been “very good” to anyone but anyone. Both. He’s been nice to me,” Trump added.

“And he’s been really great with MAGA and the MAGA movement, which is impressive. You know, I’m not surprised. I always get along with him. I like him. I always get along with him,” Trump continued.

“So I don’t really know what he said. Sometimes he makes statements and a lot of people think it’s worse than what he meant. But I think, you know, of course I’m very, you know, what I’m talking about. He was very fond of a guy named Donald Trump,” he said.

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