Kanye West Goes Viral for Wearing a Hat with The Name of The Bitcoin Creator

October 20, 2022

American pop rapper Kanye West has been in the headlines lately for some controversial events. Not only was he blocked by multiple social platforms because of a series of controversial remarks, but even JPMorgan, the largest bank in the United States, decided to cut off all contact with him.

Following the controversy, West was seen wearing a black hat with the words “Satoshi Nakamoto” emblazoned on the front, leading fans to speculate about his debanking and potential move to Bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies.

Kanye West Could Be the Next Major Celebrity Bitcoin

With photos of Bitcoin’s anonymous founder popping up online, the main question for crypto and Kanye fans is: Is he a Bitcoiner now?

Twitter user @QuintenFrancois posted a photo of Kanye wearing a Nakamoto hat. In the photo, West is wearing rain boots, a green jacket and a black Satoshi hat. In addition to reminding him that he was “kicked out of his bank account by JPMorgan,” the tweet itself pointed to the hat.

Ye West (Kanye) wearing a Satoshi Nakamoto hat after being kicked out of his bank account by JPMorgan. #Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/oj2XTiQ1bC

— Quinten | 048.eth (@QuintenFrancois) October 16, 2022

Other reports, tweets, and other photos of West wearing the same hat and boots have popped up across the internet.

The West is turning to cryptocurrencies and free speech

As previously mentioned, JPMorgan‘s decision to cut all ties with West coincided with his social media ban, although reports from some reputable sources said the bank cut before he was banned from social media for comments his contact. It’s also worth noting that Kanye West’s clothing brand Yeezy has also been canceled. However, West’s account, while cancelled, will remain active for about a month until November 21, giving him time to close business with the bank and transfer the funds.

After being cut off by the bank, he also appeared on a podcast where he objected to JPMorgan and the way he was treated, noting that he had deposited $140 million with the bank and was still being treated in a way he didn’t like, finally proposing One question: “So, if JPMorgan treats me like this, how will they treat the rest of you?”

On the other hand, he has been praising Bitcoin for years, including on the Joe Rogan Podcast back in 2020. At the time, he said “Bitcoiners have a vision for the true liberation of America and humanity.”

This year, he appeared to deepen his ties to cryptocurrencies by not only donning the Satoshi Nakamoto hat, but also agreeing to buy Parler, a social media site dedicated to free speech. In addition to providing a social platform, Parler also provides an NFT marketplace.

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