Joint sale of new tricks: “Find clothes in the garbage heap”!

July 26, 2022

The YEEZY GAP series jointly created by Kanye West and GAP can only be purchased online for a long time. On the 21st of this month, it finally ushered in the GAP Times Square store for the first time!

GAP’s flagship store in Times Square has been redesigned to distill Yeezy Gap Engineered By Balenciaga’s design vision that follows the essence of pragmatism, creating an immersive, minimalist retail experience.

The special in-store consumption experience has attracted attention on social media. It can be seen that in the almost pitch-black space, the clothes are not neatly displayed in the usual way, but are stacked in large black plastic bags that are about to overflow, and customers are slightly crowded. choose clothes in the space.

This unique consumer experience has been described in the news as “pragmatism” and is planned to be replicated in select GAP stores across the United States.

The mysterious delivery of the truck

Officially begin

YEEZY GAP guerrilla mystery release preparation?

Currently identified cities Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami

The super-original huge black plastic bag still appeared at the Los Angeles sale site, and a black push box was added to facilitate the storage of clothing.

The first eight styles incorporate Kanye and DEMNA’s shared vision for utilitarian design, including denim jackets and trousers, as well as a collection of LOGO T-shirts and hoodies.

In homage to GAP’s American logo, an abstract dove of peace pattern runs through the clothing, symbolizing an unnamed hope for the future

People are rummaging through the trash to find their favorite Yeezy x Gap apparel.

From snakeskin bags to “trash cans”, the whole job has to be Ye!

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