Can’t afford the Nike Air Yeezy 1? These pairs of yeezy sneakers may satisfy you

July 30, 2022

One of the biggest pains in Nike’s heart is to make hip-hop star Kanye West switch to another competitive brand adidas. Seeing the huge Yeezy empire and targeting Jordan Brand, I believe that Nike will also shed a few drops of cold sweat. However, Kanye West’s Air Yeezy series of shoes in the Nike period is still an important “god shoe” in the sneaker palace, and the market is still high. This time, adidas launched a new color matching of adidas Streetball shoes, which has to be reminiscent of the classic color matching in the Air Yeezy series, which has also caused discussions in the market. Looking back, there have been many two-way Air Yeezy tribute shoes or concepts! Prove its undefeated significance!

adidas Streetball

This time, the color matching of adidas’ classic shoe Streetball is obviously aimed at Air Yeezy. Black, fluorescent pink, and luminous outsole are a bit of a tofu for Nike Air Yeezy.

Nike LeBron 15 Air Yeezy 1

James also transformed his signature shoe Nike LeBron 15 into the color matching of Air Yeezy, which added a bit of tide under the already strong “dragon scale” appearance. At that time, I wore these pairs to watch my son’s game!

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Platinum

The classic “space shoes” Nike Air Foamposite Pro’s unique appearance material has also been replaced with Air Yeezy color matching, and named Platinum (platinum). The appearance is more avant-garde and futuristic, and it will definitely make people think of Yeezy shoes!

adidas Tubular Xs by J31 Customs

The very popular adidas Tubular shoes have also been redesigned with the inspiration of Air Yeezy’s color matching under the redesign of overseas customized designers! It’s too foul, and the original high tube design is also very suitable.

New Balance 997 X Air Yeezy Imagined Edition

The overseas trend media complex once did an interesting topic, changing the classic New Balance 997 shoes into different color schemes. The original simple and elegant appearance has been greatly transformed, including the 997 concept map of Air Yeezy color matching.

The classic significance of Nike Air Yeezy is hard to erase. Even after many years, it still has a leading position. Kanye West has extraordinary achievements in both Nike and adidas, and the Yeezy Empire has always been there! It can be seen that his super popularity has never died.

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